Sin Kok Hong

Our very own photography buff, Chye Guan, started taking photos back in 1979 when he was given his first camera by his father. One of the gems he captured was this:

Sin Kok Hong 1979

Sin Kok Hong 1979

This is a photograph of Sin Kok Hong in his “Wong Fei Hong” pose, near the fence along the grass patch, in between the back of the school building and the caretaker’s quarters. Notice the carefully groomed hair (Brylcreem of course!) and the extremely neat uniform. Kok Hong was and is still popular with all. He got along with the boys really well, football being the common passion. With the girls, he was ever the gentleman, always watching his words and actions.

One of the boys remember him like this :”The plastic ball with your powerful left leg just like Messi!” Kok Hong’s humble reply? “Yeah, my right leg is only good for standing.” No prizes for guessing that Kok Hong’s forte was English.

On 19 March 2014, an opportunity presented itself for history to be repeated. Kok Hong and Suzy visited the ex-premises of our primary school, now the grounds for St Joseph’s Institution (International) . We just had to do it. So, here it is:

TPS SKH 2014

Sin Kok Hong 19 Mar 2014

Let’s play “spot the difference”, besides the clothes and shoes that is. Can you see what the difference is? Yes, the comb in the left breast pocket from the 1979 photo is not there anymore! His hair is still immaculately groomed, though he has switched brands.

Kok Hong, we have got to give you a bravery award for being the first one up on this “Before & After” section and without Photoshop too! (Not that you need it anyway…)


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