1979 Pr 6B

TPS 6B 1979Where are you, Ms Tan Kwee Kee??

Back row: (L to R) (Boy 1?), (Boy 2?), (Boy 3, blocked by Shirley?), (Boy 4?), (Boy 5?), Ng Kok Kiang,

Middle row: (L to R) (Girls 1, 2, 3?), Lille Low, (Girls 5,6,7?), (Boy 6?), (Girls 8,9,10?), Irene Wong Hai Yen, Lee Siew Heok, Shirley Chng, Yen Nee, (Girl 11), (Tan Kwee Kee?) (Girl 12?),(Boy 7?) , Sihoe Yeen Joong, Eric Lee Teck Hern

Front row: Tan Lam Seng, Goh Kim Chuan, Ng Liang Ngee, James Poon Kok Leong, Tan Chye Guan, Mrs Toi, Wong Tuck Wai, (Girl 13?), Ong Swee Heok, Lim Bee Hwee, (Girl 14?) Hoon Su Mui, Chang Tsai Yuen

If you have any information on those marked with a question mark or anyone who was in this class but absent from the photo, we will appreciate you email us at thomsonprimary@yahoo.com


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