1976 Pr 3A (AM session)

kam leong P3 1976

1976 Pr 3A (AM session) Image courtesy of Kelvin Ng Kam Leong


Back row (L to R): (Noor Azlee Sinan?), (Boy 2?), (Boy3?), (Boy 4?), (Muhammad Shaff?), Suhaimi Hj Said, Zulkifli Daud, Ahmad Jasman bin Salim, (Syed Sirajuddin?), John Sihoe Yeen Joong, (Boy 8?), (Boy 9?) (Boy 10?)

Second last row (L to R) : (Girl 1?), (Ismail?), (Boy 12?), Kelvin Ng Kam Leong, (Saniff?), Herman Cher Ma’in, (Ho Cheng Her?), (Zailani?), (Boy 16?), (Boy 17?), (Girl 2?), (Ng Gek Cheng?), (Girl 4?)

Second row (seated, L to R) : (Girl 5?), (Halimah?), (Girl 7?), (Ms Soo?), Mdm Eileen Seah, Jacqueline Lim (Mdm Seah’s daughter), (Ms Wong, Chinese teacher?), Mrs Marduki, (Girl 8?), (Girl 9?), (Tan Kwee Kee?)

Front row (L to R): Rohani Abd Radzi (Girl 11, Girl 12, Girl 13, Girl 14?), Nur Sham Simahil, Norhayati bte Basir, Lee Yen Nee, (Siti Mariam?), Norhayati bte Hamim, Kusumawati bte Ahmad Dafir

Can’t help but share this great piece of news: Suhaimi Said (back row) and Nur Sham Sumahil (front row) are married to each other. What a great love story!



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