Reunion 2014 After-Party

Ever since the class of 1979 reconnected, we have been having small group gatherings to welcome new “recruits” as we went along. These small group gatherings often lasted well into the wee hours of the morning and it was no different post-reunion on 24 May 2014.

Those who were able to kick on for the after-party went to Unplugged, a bar at Dempsey Road. It is owned by Lee Choon Khim, who belongs to the class of 1977 and who is a cousin of one of our own, Philip Yeo Yong Long. Khim also hosted the reunion planning group whenever we had to have a pow-wow to brainstorm the next stage. Those meetings took place at Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar, a stone’s throw from Unplugged.

Sharon Lim, second daughter of Ms Eileen Seah, one of our most beloved teachers, was a feature at the after-party, as she often was in our class photos. Either she or her younger sister, Jacqueline, can be seen in many of the class photos. Our reunion wouldn’t have been complete without her.

Sharon & Suzy Tan, class of 1979, reconnected at a children’s gym in Orchard Road in the late 2000’s and again when their daughters went to the same primary school. Many mornings were spent together at a nearby coffee shop, much to the chagrin of the proprietors who were hoping for a quick turnover. Maybe that’s why the proprietors decided to call it a day in 2013.


Sharon Lim (Ms Eileen Seah’s daughter) and Suzy Tan







Eric Lee Teck Hern and James Poon Kok Leong both still live in Toa Payoh. Eric Lee moved all of one street from his childhood home whilst James moved an impressive one block away!!!! Though extremely quiet at school, Eric has blossomed into a rather loquacious gentleman with a fine appreciation for cross-cultural music and is rather the expert to turn to on matters of the heart. James loves to run, clocking up to 15 km in one run in recent days. His passion for football remains and he gets paid for watching TV (and yes, I am being serious). If you are curious about how he does it, just ask him the next time you see him.


Eric Lee Teck Hern and James Poon Kok Leong

The third person in the next photo is very popular….amongst the girls. Upon arrival at the reunion on 24 May, many grabbed him for selfies. He is none other than Kong Wai Kit, our resident math whiz turned AV extraordinaire! Wai Kit took the opportunity at the reunion to showcase his portfolio of cute childhood pics. If the many silent sighs in the hearts of those besotted by him since they first laid eyes on him in primary school could be broadcast, I am sure we would all be deafened by now.


Eric Lee Teck Hern, James Poon Kok Leong, Kong Wai Kit

Who would have imagined that we would one day be hanging out late with our teachers? Ms Eileen Seah is featured in the next photo and Mr Chia Tiam Hee was there too. Khim was Mr Chia’s student and had many fond memories of his childhood, including his days at TPS. The decor at his F&B outlets echo his love for those wonderful years so the presentation of the TPS t-shirt and badge was most appropriate.


Ms Eileen Seah presenting a token of appreciation to Lee Choon Khim, class of 1977 and owner of Unplugged, for hosting the planning meetings at his other F&B establishment, Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar at Dempsey Road

In TPS, it is very common to have siblings and extended family members attending the same school. Philip Yeo is Khim’s cousin and is from the class of 1979. Thanks to Philip, we connected with Khim who facilitated the venue for the planning meetings. Philip’s golfer’s tan is very impressive.


Philip Yeo Yong Long and Edmund Wee Heng Cheang

Edmund Wee Heng Cheang is ever cool and quiet, often preferring to observe and occasionally respond with a smile that would outshine a thousand light bulbs. He was sick that night but in the spirit of camaraderie, decided to hang out with us. Two days later, he left on a business trip. Thanks for keeping us company, Edmund, we appreciate it!


Mr James Dean….no wait, it is Edmund Wee Heng Cheang!

If there is anything special about the class of 1979, it would be the number of extremely considerate gentlemen that we have. They are all so well mannered, obliging and helpful, anyone would want to be part of our group! Kelvin Ng Kam Leong is one of those. Soft spoken Kelvin is a force to be reckoned with at softball and hamtam bola. He is also football crazy, like James. They live one block apart from each other and never once met till recently.


Another super sweetie, Mr Kelvin Ng Kam Leong

Why does the caption say “sweetie turned bad”? Kelvin took a priceless photo of Sharon and it was really funny. You just had to be there to share the joke.


The sweetie turned bad… Kelvin Ng Kam Leong

So far, no mention has been made about the creator of these artistic images. He kept a rather low profile in primary school and continues to do so, preferring to be the one behind the camera. Usually preferring to photograph feathered creatures, he was kind enough to take on a bigger challenge that night.  He has eyes with a soft, soft gaze that dance along with his smile when he breaks into one. A man of few words. The strong and silent type.  Get ready, for when you next see his photograph, you will be dazzled. He is Tan Chye Guan.

Despite the late night, it was hard when the time to part came. Hanging out quietly together (as the music was loud) was pleasurable. We can’t wait for the next gathering.



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