35th Anniversary Reunion – Yet More Photos!!!

These photos were taken by Mr Triston Yeo, a professional photographer, who kindly took time off his other pursuits to lend us a hand at this inaugural event.

We started with the arrival of the VIPs….our dear teachers who were very warmly received by those standing by at the driveway…


Is it you who has grown taller or is it me who has shrunk? Pictured: Mr Ee LIang Keng with Norhayati Basir


Mrs Tan Kim Lan and Mr Ee Liang Keng


Mrs Phyllis Tan being received by Faridah Sidek


Mrs Phyllis Tan, with a sense of anticipation


Ms Chan Shong Yong, speaking to Laura Wang Tong Kum, Tan Chye Guan and Sin Kok Hong.


“Hey, Suhaimi, let me show you a new game I learnt! Nursham, watch this!” says Sharon Lim


Sharon demonstrates her new game, “Peek-a-boo!”. Suhaimi and Nursham look on in silence……they could hear the crickets


You mean there is no wooden ruler in the gift bag? I could have sworn that was a standard issue back in 1979! (Pictured: Mr Chia Tiam Hi)


The multi-talented Mrs Chow Chin Choo, who can play the piano, piano accordion and angklung, amongst others probably.


Always helping us to keep our chin up, our very encouraging teacher and choir mistress, Mrs Chow Chin Choo


A lovely hand bouquet for our Mrs Chow who played the school song and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for us


Three heartthrobs all in a row….(from right to left), Edmund Wee Heng Cheang, Tan Meng Chun, Ong Teck Chiang


A comfortable start to a wonderful reunion..and a meeting of hearts


At the Glass Hall, SJI International


All listening intently to Kok Hong walk down the memory lane


Han Jamaludin making a memory


Rohani Abd Radzi not letting her friendship with Norhayati Basir slip through her hands


Tan Chye Guan hard at work, the gadget man!


Kelvin Poh, a name most of us remembered at first go!


Eric Lee Teck Hern and Noor Azlee sharing a light moment with Md Shaff (back to camera)


Laura Wang Tong Kum, a vision of grace


Our commemorative programme


It seemed like we were seeing through the looking glass – meeting Ms Chan Shong Yong again was wonderful


Mrs Phyllis Tan speaking to Nursham Simahil, with Ida Kesuma bte Ali looking on


Suzy Tan with Suzannah Yushee


Suhardi Ismadi probably trying to figure out someone’s identity …


Oh you mean I haven’t already told you who I had a crush on? I am sure I have been telling everyone since I was in P6! (Pictured: Ong Teck Chiang)


Did you hear what I told the others? You didn’t? Oh dear, I must tell you…yes, that’s who I had a crush on! (Pictured: Ong Teck Chiang)


“Shirley, I couldn’t just show them any selfie. It had to be taken in the right location, with the right atmosphere.” (Pictured: Tan Meng Chun). He made us wait for his selfie when we first reconnected and took it in Seoul, in a beautiful garden. Thanks for the selfie, MC, The wait was worth it.


Happy to see you too, Ms Chan Shong Yong!


Mrs Jean Ong


Mrs Nancy Yong


“How many fingers did we used to chope with? Two or four?” Sin Kok Hong facing camera, Han Jamaludin with hand up


“Lam Seng, how did you manage to stay looking exactly the same? You could save me a trip to the doctor!” (Pictured: Suzy Tan, Tan Lam Seng)


I am finally getting to meet her….after all these years…


It sure feels good sitting next to the apple of my eye back then! (Yes, we all know that story!) (Pictured: Matthew Chak with Shirley Chng in background).


” Mrs Chow, I still can’t hit that high note!” “It’s alright, girl, just smile. Smile!” Pictured: Mrs Chow Chin Choo, Suzy Tan


Yabba yabba yabba….Suzy Tan


Mr Quek Luck Khoon arrives with Mrs Quek, accompanied by Ng Kok Kiang


Mr Quek Luck Khooon


At TPS, children of all races and religious backgrounds formed firm friendships that transcended any barrier Pictured: Norhayati Sulor


It was surreal to be standing in front of people I had lost touch with for 35 years… Suzy Tan


Mr Ee Liang Keng, saying hello to all


Teachers enjoying themselves


Warming up to one another all over again


Mr Quek acknowledging the warm cheers of his students


Happy teachers and staff


Cheers from adoring students


We sure hope we made them feel our love!


Such a joyful smile on her face!


Our ever gentlemanly Sin Kok Hong helping Mrs Jean Ong


Md Shaff with Cikgu Sadiah Saadon


Our school song!!!


Choir girls Stacey Hoon Su Mui and Ong Swee Heok warming up their pipes


Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Still flying over the rainbow


Wait, is that the pot of gold?


Let’s see how long we can hold on to that last note!


Friends, Romans, lend me your ears!


One, two, three, let’s hit that note!


A seldom photographed Tan Chye Guan cos he is usually on the other side of the lens


Hey, hey, I scored the coup of the year! A video of the golden couple! Pictured: Lille Low


Cikgu Sadiah Saadon


Ms Eileen Seah, being one with the students, as always


Ms Eileen Seah, youthful outwardly and forever young on the inside


Mrs Tan Kit Peng with Mrs Chow Chin Choo


Wait, don’t fall asleep, I am only onto Chapter 4 of my life story! Pictured: Suzy Tan


Someone who has great memory for detail and helped us to reconnect with many : Ng Kok Kiang


What a cool t-shirt! It is going to go places!


Photographic evidence of Sam Chan Meng Kwang pinching Suzy Tan. So, where is your evidence of me pinching you, Meng Kwang?


Sin Kok Hong, sharing his funny anecdotes


Kok Hong looks credible enough to be part of a big event that takes place in Spore every 5 years or so!


Vote for me! I say, vote for me!


An attentive crowd… the usual ones not paying attention! Old habits die hard…LOL!


Yes, I would certainly vote for him!


Ms Eileen Seah delivering her beautiful speech


Our teachers listening to the proceedings


Teachers setting a good example by paying attention


“Wow, I am surrounded by these 3 rather handsome gentlemen. Sure got a good seat!” From left: Yeo Yong Long, Matthew Chak, Hoon Su Mui, Tan Lam Seng


“So, Shirley, don’t you think he is the best pick out of the 3? He is the Peter Pan of our group!” Pictured: shirley Chng, Hoon Su Mui in background, Tan Lam Seng in foreground






















The reunion was peppered with light moments. The quiet smiles on the faces of our friends was so satisfying….



Enjoying a happy moment!


It’s those 3 again…them with the beautiful smiles…


Cheng Luan Fong…currently nicknamed Dory1


Sharon Goh Sok Hoon


Teachers are all ears


So grateful for their turning up!



















Look at those two!





See what captivated their attention!



Kok Hong looks up in dismay! He is being given a run for his money! There is not only one but TWO incredible competitors for everyone’s adoration! Who are they?


No big deal lah. The truly handsome one is sitting here! Pictured: Kamarudin Ahmad


You mean there are actually not one but two more endearing guys than me?


Teachers as beautiful as ever


Mr Chia Tiam Hi (in focus)


Must be something interesting….and there were plenty of interesting things that day!


Craning her neck to see…


Teachers were so appreciative. We are blessed!


Our beautiful venue


We would never have imagined this reunion would be this big or this successful!

They are none other than the Thomson Twins…so called because their names both have a “Leong” in it, they live one block from each other, are both football mad and score pretty high in the good looks department! You know the Thompson Twins, that rather famous British New Wave group? Well, they were formed only in 1977 but ours had a connection that started in 1974!


“I am the suave one” says Kelvin. “And me, I am the Thinker” says James Kelvin Ng Kam Leong on left and James Poon Kok Leong on right


And like I was saying, I am quiet and unassuming, your utterly wonderful guy next door. When there is a damsel in distress, you can be sure I will go to her rescue with my deadly hamtam bola throw! (Pictured: Kelvin Ng Kam Leong)


No, I wasn’t joking when I said I get paid for watching television. ‘Cher, I promise I was telling the truth. I am your key to the stars!


And in conclusion, let me do another pose for you, just for those girls at the back. Yes, do calm down first.

After that very exhilarating presentation by the Thomson twins, we had to cool the crowd down a bit. So, our resident sage, Mr Herman Cher Ma’in, shared his insights on a salad…


Anyone who knows Herman will know he comes across as being serious on the surface but has a very very clever sense of humour on the inside!


Herman’s presence sends a sense of calm across the room


Liang Ngee and Su Hiang, unassuming and wonderful guys


Herman sharing a joke


Ida Kesuma bte Ali, daughter of one of our teachers the late Cikgu Ali, sharing some reflections










Focus on Ms Eileen Seah


Focus on Mr Chia Tiam Hi and Mr Lau Soo Har


Mrs P Tan


Mr Lau Soo Har


Mr Ee Liang Keng, left


Herman holds the teachers in rapt attention. After all, he is a principal!


Mrs Tan Kit Peng and Mrs Chow Chin Choo














Matthew Chak, left, probably sharing beauty tips with Tan Meng Chun who has dreams of becoming a K-pop idol lookalike, just like Matt

After some presentations, the mingling began…..


Tan Meng Chun, having gotten wind of Matthew Chak’s beauty secrets, quickly on sells them to Eric Lee Teck Hern, who laps up the information with great enthusiasm.


“I am not telling you his beauty secrets, Suzy. You were not nice to me in school.” Pictured: Tan Meng Chun, Suzy Tan


Wow, I now hold the keys to unlocking eternal youth!


The name of the game: who belongs to that name?


Beautiful women from little girls grow!



“Awwww, shucks. I look good, really??” Norhayati Basir, Norhayati Hamim and Tan Meng Chun



A great photo of the 2 Yati’s


Let me give you a clue as to who you should be looking at for this name!


They sure looked happy!


Hugs all around!


Meng Chun made to carry the dunce cap? No, that’s just a basket for our game!


Come, Bee Guat, let me practise hugging you so I can try it on someone later! (And yes we all know that story!) Pictured: Shirley Chng


Oh, I sure hope the name is his. That way, I get an extra hug perhaps! Pictured: Shirley Chng in foreground, Matthew Chak background


Wendy Yip


Laura Wang Tong Kum


Suhaimi and Nurhsam running towards each other in slo-mo


Suhaimi and Nursham, once schoolmates, now husband and wife


“And the name on my slip of paper is….wait, I forgot, have to look at it again…and the name is…wait I forgot, got to look at it again!” Pictured: Cheng Luan Fong, known for her lack of retentive memory


Suhardi unveiling the name of the person he has to find


It stumps him – he can’t put a face to the name!


Sabo-kings and queens


Kong Wai Kit practising some moves on Suhaimah but we all know who his object of attention really is! Now blush like a light bulb, Wai Kit!


Can you tell yet that we had fun playing our game?


It was unbelievable how many times Tuck Cheong had to draw from the basket and yet here he is, trying to pass on that jinx to Wai Kit


Wai Kit and Noor Azlee sharing a light moment


You mean we are not playing cops and robbers? I would have been good at that! Pictured: Suzy Tan, Noor Azlee


A very happy Su Mui – did she hit jackpot?


James Poon looking at bewilderment at the name on his paper….unfortunately not that of any BPL football player


Happy hugs – one of many at the reunion


Eric Lee Teck Hern, being amazed by the blisteringly intelligent Suzy Tan


Tham Yoke San and Suzy Tan….a wonderful reunion indeed!


Kok Hong unveiling the name of the person he has to find


He asks for help


And tries to talk his way out of it


Suhardi gets helpful


And finally Kok Hong gets it!!!!


Yeo Lee Keng gives a touching message of thanks


Kamarudin has a go at the game


He doesn’t find it easy either —- 35 years of catching up to do!


Oh yes! I think it is coming back to me!


A helpful Scout taking photos for others


Cikgu Sadiah, seated, enjoying her refreshment


Teachers having first go at the buffet line




Wendy’s turn at the name game


Nursham playing the name game


A laugh a minute during the game


More big smiles ahead!


Looks easy….


Mr Wong Kwong Siong receiving his teachers’ souvenir from Ong Swee Heok


Mrs Chow receiving her souvenir from Ida


Herman with his Pr 6 teacher, Mrs Mary Sng


Ms Eileen Lim presented her souvenir by Mohd Ariffin


Su Mui presenting the souvenir to Mr Quek


Suhaimi, who was in the band, presenting the souvenir to Mrs Phyllis Tan


Tham Yoke San presenting the souvenir to Mr Ee Liang Keng


Philip Yeo Yong Long meets the man of his disciplinary nightmares, Mr Chia Tiam Hi


Warm hugs from a happy teacher


Ng Kok Kiang with his P6 teacher, Mrs Margie Toi


Sam Chan Meng Kwang, with his P6 teacher, Mr Lau Soo Har


Mrs Tan Kim Lan with Han Jamaludin


Mrs Nancy Yong with Ong Teck Chiang


Kong Wai Kit with Mrs Tan Kit Peng


Cikgu Sadiah with Noor Azlee


Mrs Jean Ong with Tan Chye Guan. Mrs Jean Ong was his P2 form teacher


Another great photo of Mrs Jean Ong with Tan Chye Guan


First of a few great group photos


Group photo no 2


Group photo 3


Group photo 4


Group photo 5


Group photo 6


Mr Quek


Hi Liang Ngee, you got assigned this job too huh?


Yeah, tell me about it. Couldn’t that Suzy have picked a nearer location to bring the benches from?


Everything’s special, even the cake!!!


Can’t get enough of this cake!


Teachers’ turn to take pics


Steady hands required


Trying to steal a bit of the cake?


Decorating with cupcakes…


Delighted with the big cake


Getting ready for the cut


here we go!


And again! (Photo-bombed by Suhaimi, our resident clown)


One more for the camera


Such fat fingers she has…all the better to lick the cake off!


I sure am happy to be here! Liang Ngee on left and Lam Seng on right


Sorry I can’t really see your face due to presbyopia. Cant seem to find my glasses anywhere!


Tham Yoke San and Lee Yen Nee


Suhaimi launching into his gift of song


The Greatest Love of All


Suhaimi as his usual happy self


The finale…!


Meng Kwang reminding Mrs Chow he was in her class in P5


Teck Chiang talking about his “firsts” in TPS


Including his very first mistake….the CRUSH….


Kong Wai Kit spending time with the teachers after having to man the AV equipment


happy schoolmates


Teck Chiang gets a hug… Kok Hong shouting “kelong” in the background?


Suzy gets a token of appreciation from all


A scarf…and why does Teck Chiang look so happy? That’s for us to know and you to find out…


Humbled to have received the present


Teachers still so interested despite the long afternoon


It’s bad news when these two get together


Sweet Eric Lee Teck Hern being helpful


Form teacher and student reunited


Suzy Tan presenting Matthew Chak with a copy of the newspaper article from 1979 that had a photo of both of them at a Youth Science Fortnight, doing a demonstration for then Minister for Education, Dr Tony Tan


Pretty flowers and women


Someone being made to practise their penmanship


Philip Yeo Yong Long


Ng Liang Ngee


Suzanna helping Suhaimah


Some of the souvenirs that day – the school badge and commemorative programme


Let me count, how many times has that Suzy Tan told people about my crush…or was it already public knowledge??


Please, Su Mui, all of us know that for a fact already!!


I think these students did a rather good job, don’t you think so, Mr Ee?


Mr Lau Soo Har and Mr Wong Kwong Siong


Mr Wong Kwong Siong


Catching up on lost time


Blissfully happy


The smile says it all


A beautiful location, this staff lounge and the main hall


Great food and great company


Mrs Mary Sng


Tucking in


Tan Chye Guan, Hoon Su Mui, Matthew Chak


Matthew Gangnam Style!


A tale of two Sharon’s – Goh Sok Hoon and Soh Bee Guat


Yes, I really am Yen Nee.


Tuck Cheong took a break from work to meet everyone


Tuck Cheong’s effervescence rubs off on everyone….


Oh my grades were…..???


Norhayati Sulor is another with incredible memory retention, great photos and other personal items


For someone who was prevented from leaving, he didn’t look too unhappy, thank goodness!


Teck Chiang



Kok Kiang


Matthew and Teck Hern







The reunion was unexpected…for many, it was a bolt out of the blue how we reconnected. Yet, the surprise, though unexpected, was eventually sweet.  More photos in a couple of weeks…when we next blog again.


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