TPS Alumni are going places!!! Vol 1

After the reunion in May 2014, a message was sent out to all class of 1979 alumni, requesting they bring their TPS t-shirts with them when they travelled so we could get commemorative photographs of them in their t-shirts at iconic locations.

Guess who has blazed the trail for us? It’s none other than Kelvin Ng Kam Leong, who was also the first person to hand in his personal photograph collection for scanning and sharing with others! Kelvin, who was a Scout in school, must have made “Be prepared” his personal motto as well!

For those who feel a little intimidated by this wonderfully well-made photo montage complete with a very apt song choice, fret not. Your submission (even one photo) can be taken anywhere, even in Singapore where we have many beautiful spots. All you need is your TPS t-shirt, yourself and you! In true TPS spirit, let’s have a bit of fun together!

Big thanks to Su Hiang for hosting the clip on Youtube and Chye Guan for helping to test it out.


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