So how did our first ever reunion go?

To say our reunion was good would be a total understatement. The outpouring of love, warmth and camaraderie was out of this world! However, I would be biased as I am part of the planning group.

Snippets of what we saw, heard and experienced at this reunion for you to be your own judge:

–    Mohd Shaff and Matthew Chak coming from Batam and Malaysia respectively just to attend the reunion, only to return to their respective countries the same day

–    many well wishes from absentees, including Sihoe Yeen Joong who lives in Canada for now, Vicente Sorreta from the Phillipines, Mrs Loy Chee Wan who is away in Ireland, Mrs Ong Siew Luan and others who had prior engagements they could not excuse themselves from.

–    many others also sacrificed precious family time and work to attend

–    so many pinning on their badges and wearing their t-shirts so enthusiastically. Can’t believe there are so many bodies beautiful out there : only the XL and above are left! Note to self: really have to work on the figure 😉

–    Our choir teacher, Mrs Chow, so enthusiastically playing on the piano despite her having a bad cough.

–    the request for an encore for the school song

– the choir girls so gamely singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” despite being sabotaged

–    Suhaimi’s rendition of “The Greatest Love of All” as all of us ate our cake

–    lots of hugs, squeals of delight at recognising someone after a few moments of wondering

–    lost count of the number of times the boys cried foul when I got them to do something silly but they went along with it anyway

–    watching issues arise and seeing someone jump to it immediately to solve it

–    the heartfelt sharing, especially the ones that made others blush

–    the wonderful teamwork amongst those who were responsible for the planning and execution. It may not have been clockwork but the keen sense of a common purpose kept us in high spirits.

– The many leads and follow-up by everyone as we searched for our fellow 79’ers.

–    A group of students so willingly and happily transporting some of our teachers to the reunion

–    Some others standing in the heat to provide traffic guidance so we do not clog up the traffic at our host location

–    Our two photographers, Chye Guan and Triston, who had to work hard and fast to capture the many great moments. Triston, yes, we hope you find the same kind of love and warmth at your school reunion too! It is infectious!

Most of all, the wide grins on the faces of the teachers was testimony that despite all odds, this was a project worth doing! Mr Lau said the reunion went beyond all and any of his expectations. Others gushed their appreciation, which were again expressed via subsequent text messages.

The reunion was so successful for only one reason: teamwork supercharged with a big dose of TPS spirit!

Thank you all for a wonderful time. Let this reunion be the start of many more to come, be they big or small.



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