Miracles Along the Way

Many miracles abounded as we searched for our primary schoolmates. Here are some stories to share:

KWK did not have a web presence at all. Not a trace of him. He was not on Facebook, LinkedIn nor any of the other usual social media channels. Trust our top girl in our  year to come up with a brainwave. LYK looked through her P6 autograph book, found his 7-digit telephone number and we decided to give it a try. We added a 6 at the front of the old number and ST gave it a try. The phone rung at the other end of the line! Not one to usually answer an unidentified number, it was fortuitous KWK decided to pick up the line. He was surprised, to say the least, to hear that it was ST. A couple of weeks before this call, LWK had chatted with his niece about names in general and the name “Suzy” had come up. He had also recently dreamt about another schoolmate, HSM. Talk about telepathy!

TMC was another hard one to find. We googled and found a mention of his name and company in a string of  exchanges on Yahoo Groups. That exchange was quite dated but worth a try. So, we called his company and lo and behold, TMC was there!

Several others had dormant Facebook accounts so we had to resort to the Yellow Pages, and sieving through publicly available documents on the web to find some form of contact details.



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